RAJKARNI – Mobile App for Goan Politics

Rajkarni is an Innovative attempt for the people of our country, voters, to know whom they are voting and what are his characteristics.
Rajkarni.in is a political informative website where you can find details about all the politicians in your state. Rajkarni enables the voter to search, study and compare the candidates which will make him take the right decision.

Rajkarni came into existence with a mission to take our country towards clean politics. If we have to achieve this, the need is to make people aware of the candidate whom they are voting and help people make the correct decision. Each correct vote is important, which will take India towards clean politics.

Clean politics is a need of the hour, we have seen it all, we the people of this country know nothing about the politicians, we only know what they want us to know.
Rajkarni is on the mission to show you what you don’t know, or what they do not want us to know. We are politically neutral, secular people who believe in India’s constitution.

This app was developed for a social cause, to make people aware of each and every candidate who were contesting Goa Assembly elections 2017, to help voters to get insights about the candidates and to make people well aware about the person whom they are voting

It’s was a native Android Application built with RESTful APIs. The back panel of the android app is fully controlled by team TechNirmiti. The good work by the team was published in a local daily, a few days before the planned elections. The mobile app proved to be most useful in the said elections. Read about the blog release here.

Technologies Used:

User Interface: Android, JAVA

Back Panel: PHP Codeigniter with MYSQL, HTML, CSS.

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Currently, the android app is removed by us from Google Play Store as we are releasing a new version of the app which is a complete package. This package will include a web application and a hybrid app that can be used on Android as well as iOS.

For the latest news stay tuned at rajkarni.in

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