Automatic Question Generation System for Hindi Learning (AQGS)

Business Domain:

The education system in India is drastically changing its way towards digitalization. Various tools are being developed to enhance the learning experience of students. For this project the business domain targeted is students from class I to class V from centralized schools of India.

Client Name: MIT-Boston in collaboration with IIT-Bombay

Problem Definition:

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  • Currently, many schools from rural India are lacking the modern facilities like availability of teaching tools, advance technical methods of learning, etc.
  • Quality of education in such schools from rural areas is low & they lack the exposure to technology which they deserve.
  • Primary education should be made more interactive & interesting so as to match the age of students and keep them engaged and curious about the new things they learn. Looking at the kid’s interest in technology, having a computer-based solution is the best option.

Problem Statement:

  • Pre-designed Quizzes are sometimes boring & repeated questions make students by-heart the questions & corresponding answers which leads to zero gain of knowledge & learning.

Proposed Solution:

As per the client’s needs and as mentioned in the problem statement, we have proposed and developed the following Automatic Question Generation System which generates new questions & options every time.

As Hindi is a universal language used in all the centralized primary schools in India, the client chooses to develop a resource for Hindi learning. With our knowledge in the availability of online Hindi resources, we decided to use Hindi Wordnet and Hindi Shabdamitra as a base for question generation.

• Admin Dashboard:

  • This dashboard will help the Admin/Teacher/Examiner add/create new tests whenever a quiz is scheduled. This also enables them to add the students along with all their details and make accounts for them to log in while answering a test. The dashboard has a compact view which shows all the tests taken, test taken by different students & their corresponding answers.

• Evaluation Module:

  • This section systematically stores & displays the test results answered by students & give them an overall score.
  • This helps in analyzing the difficulty level of test based on the student’s perception.

• Quiz Module:

  • Most important is the user interface shown to the students. This interface was carefully designed by keeping in mind the understanding level of primary students & their age.
  • All the questions were generated by using the Hindi Wordnet & Hindi Shabdamitra resource available for Hindi & distractors in MCQ questions that were created based on different factors. This itself decided the difficulty level of the quiz.
  • Students could answer the questions one by one and results are displayed at the end of the quiz. A quiz was basically designed to handle basic questions so as to teach students the understanding of vocabulary & grammar. Further, it can be used to handle any king of MCQ question based on the quiz.

Technology Used:

  • Python, Angular 4, Codeigniter PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL Database.

How the Quiz System was Used in India

  • Almost all the centralized schools from India have used the applications & answered the quizzes.

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