Advantages of using Python Programming

Python has always succeeded in retaining its place among the top 10 programming languages. Python has always kept its level high and can be used for general purpose programming. One can build desktop applications, websites, and web applications by making use of Python Programming.

While coding in python, one can focus on the major functionalities of the application to be developed which python frameworks take care of the common programming tasks. The simple and readable syntax of python code is the key to form the optimal code which is easy to understand and modify. In this blog article, we discuss why it is best to choose Python programming over other programming languages.

Reasons Why You Should Use Python


Readable Code which is easy to Maintain

Python has the simplest syntax of all the programming languages. One with absolutely no knowledge of programming will be able to understand a nicely written python code. This is why Python has been always the first choice of beginner programmers. Applications build on the readable and clean code base will help you to maintain and update the software with minimum efforts.


Python’s compatibility with major platforms

Python is compatible with all the major platforms and is an interpreted programming language. This means any code build on a particular platform or operating system can be used directly on another platform without recompiling it. So you can make as many alterations or changes in the python code and check the changes reflected without having to compile it again.

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Open Source Frameworks and Tools Available

Many open source frameworks and tools are evolved for python programming to date. These frameworks handle their main and major tasks without having you to worry about it. This prevents you from re-inventing the wheel.

Several open source frameworks, libraries, and development tools are available for software development which helps you save your development time and cost. There is a wide variety of these open source frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle and Cherrypy, etc for web development. If you have a precise need, you can easily choose among these tools like PyQT, PyJs, PyGUI, Kivy, PyGTK, etc.


However, Python, like other programming languages,  has its drawbacks. Some of the built-in features provided by other modern programming languages are lacking in Python. Also, studies have shown that python is comparatively slower.

Still, if you look at the benefits of using python programming, one can easily ignore these limitations of Python. So why wait? Do you have an application to be developed? Feel free to choose Python for its development.

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