Experienced Offshore Development Team in India

The Dedicated Development Center and the Offshore Development Center share a common foundation as dedicated team outsourcing models, distinguished by global nuances. Enterprises leverage this approach when their internal IT department lacks the expertise to manage the complete software development lifecycle.

  • Team Size needed for execution.
  • Team Skills in terms of domain expertise, technical expertise needed.
  • Team availability in relevant time-zones.
  • Relevant Communication Infrastructure for seamless communication.

How does the Offshore Development Center outsourcing model work?

A Dedicated Development Center commonly serves as an expansion of the client’s team, situated in offshore locations worldwide. It may be client-owned or operated by an offshore development organization with established expertise in crucial aspects of an Offshore Development Center. At Technirmiti, the Dedicated Development Center embodies a business model where a software development team possesses specific and identified skillsets located at Technirmiti Offshore Development Center at Goa, is allocated specifically for fulfilling customer requirements only.

The salient features of this model are:

  • Typically, the dedicated model is employed when the client is in the process of conceptualizing a product or a product idea.
  • The ODC model is also suitable when the client lacks full clarity regarding their requirements.
  • Technirmiti’s ODC teams offer flexible availability across client time zones, overlapping time zones, project management extranets, web timesheets, and adaptable reporting templates to facilitate seamless interaction with the client’s onshore teams.
  • The client is granted full transparency, access, monitoring, and control over their offshore dedicated development teams, ensuring that the team serves as a seamless extension of the client teams.
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure, communication channels, and security measures are in place to guarantee comprehensive data security and smooth communication channels between clients’ onshore and offshore teams.

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