Why Hire Android Developer from Goa, India?

Hiring the best programming talent is always a challenge for most of the Software companies. With so much advancement in mobile technology in the market, mobile app development is the need of an hour. India has the highest number of Android phone users, it has become the ideal location to hire android developer from.

We at Technirmiti are the best choice for mobile app development in Goa, India. Our app developers are experts in Android and iOS app development. We are fully dedicated to providing the best services to our clients.

Hire Best Android Developers from India

Process of Hiring Android Developers from us in Goa, India

We Have A Simple and Customer-Centric Process Which Helps Clients Identify Their Exact Need.

  • Discover the need:
    We help the client identify their exact requirement in hiring the right programming expert. Sometimes the client is from the non-technical domain. So we arrange the consultation session with the client which helps them identify their expertise requirement and provide the best suggestion for the technologies.
  • Team Screening and Selection:
    Our programmers’ skills will be matched with your technical requirements. Alternatively, we provide the resumes of our developers or programmers who are proficient in that particular technology that the client requires and Client shortlists the developers from the resume’s that are provided by us. Sometimes, the client is offered to conduct an interview for the coder before hiring.
  • Development:
    The client will have their own dedicated developer(s) here in our office in India for their projects. These skilled coders will work as their Offshore developers similar to their in-house team.
    The client will have complete control over their developers through Chat/ Emails and most importantly by viewing their progress using our PMS. The client can assign the work for their developers directly.
    The client will be provided a guest Account on our PMS where they can track the progress and productivity of their developers.
  • Reporting & Product Delivery:
    You get daily code validations and up to date reporting sheet. Finally, when all the development work is done, there are rounds of testing and revisions and then code product is delivered to the client.

We have 90% of repeat clients who trust us for our professionalism and quality. Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) will help you keep your product secure and safe. There is no risk of data loss with us. So contact us and connect to the best Indian developers in Goa, India. You can also outsource your software projects to us. We are the top company in Goa, India for outsourcing all kinds of IT projects in Goa, India. Have a look at out latest app Rajkarni updated version of which will be released in last week of May this year.

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