Machine Translation System for English to Konkani

A strong need for understanding Konkani to tourists & for administrative purposes, English to Konkani Machine Translation system was initially developed in collaboration with Department of Computer Science & Technology, Goa University.

We used a hybrid approach which is the combination of Statistical Machine Translation and other techniques to improve our translation quality. Various pre-processing and post-processing steps were applied to improve translation quality.

Technologies Used: Moses, Python

The system is currently being used to translate question papers of various central government’s exams wherein English question papers are directly translated into Konkani with minimum corrections required.

The work has been featured in local English daily and has been encouraged by many Language & Technology experts. The system is still under improvement and now it’s been carried out as the company’s own project for a social cause.

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Featured in Goa’s Local Daily, Gomantak Times in July, 2019

The challenge faced by the research team in the improvement phase is the lack of Konkani digital data. Various efforts are being put for the data collection, one of which is Konkani Bhandar.

Sunayana Gawde

Sunayana Gawde is a Director & COO at TechNirmiti Softwares Private Limited and the Author at TechOpinion & Technirmiti. She is a researcher in the field of Computer Science and Technology and has a post graduate degree in CS. She loves to write about Technology. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

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