Why Offshore Development in India is the best choice?

Offshore Development in India is trending nowadays in developing countries. Instead of having to employ much full-time staff, people tend to have a virtual team in India or other developing countries. Alternatively, outsourcing software development to India is another similar choice.

Reasons to set up an Offshore Development Center in India

One should know the right time to switch to offshore development. There are several reasons why one should set up an offshore development center in India. Let’s discuss a few of those here:

Zero Infrastructure Cost

Why spend on infrastructure for your physical office when you can benefit more by having an offshore office? Partnering with one of the best Offshore Development Center in India eases your business thereby saving your cost. In this system, you have a virtual team which is especially dedicated to your software project requirements. You can either manage this team by employing your own project manager on-site or you can completely keep yourself out of stress by having a project manager handling this offshore team. Various expenses are cut short like office rent, various bills, office staff salaries, etc.

Different time zone factor

Differences in Time zones can be treated as benefit as well as inconvenience depending on whether its beneficial or not. If you are the country with more than 12 hours of time zone difference with India, it becomes difficult to adjust. But since most of the offshore development centers work 24/7, it becomes easy to communicate any time with your team. Also, your team can handle your clients all the time with whatever time zones they are from.

Responsibility is Shared

Instead of following the whole software development life cycle by yourself alone, having an offshore development team is always the best option. Starting from planning, wireframing, development, testing and also maintenance is all handled by the offshore team. A talented Indian Team Leader or Project Manager is wholly responsible for the process until the delivery of the project.

Offshore Development is a Continuous Process

Once you finalize the Offshore Development Partner from India, the whole process is planned by the Project Manager. After each stage of project development, meetings are held and constant communication is kept so as to maintain requirement and development balance. Weekly meetings among the team keep every team member updated with the status of the work. So the whole process is continuous.

How Offshore Software Development in India Works

Finding a Right Offshore Development Partner

After knowing all the benefits of setting up an Offshore Development Center in India, the most prominent issue is how to find the best one. So here is the answer to this question as well. We at Technirmiti are happy to serve hundreds of offshore clients from most of the developed countries. We are located in the serene location of Goa, India. Hiring our expert programmers will help you cut the cost of various tasks. Outsourcing to one of the top offshore development partner from India will ensure the quality of work. We deal with projects in blockchain development, IoT development, Chatbots Development, Big Data Applications, Translation Projects, Digital Marketing, etc. Contact us to know more.

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