What is the Internet of Things? Things you must know about IoT

As per the survey conducted by Gartner in 2015, only 29% who responded were using IOT. But according to what Gartner predicted, there were supposed to be 43% of the companies incorporating some or other type of IoT implementation.

IoT makes the devices we use every day from home appliances, smartphones to cars & buildings to go online and communicate with each other. The concept of smart homes is the outcome of the Internet of things. All these entities are connected to each other via mediums like wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc.


IoT is basically a network of devices having different types of sensors and electronic devices which connect and exchange data between themselves. IoT has its applications in almost all the domains you can think of. Let’s see about these applications in detail.

Internet of Things in Home Automation

When we think of IoT, the first thing which comes into our lives is Smart Homes. When you employ Home Automation in your home, the concern is to control everything there remotely. All the devices are connected with some sensors to the internet and wi-fi module. Normally such systems come with a Mobile Application with the help of which we can control all the devices with just tip of our finger.

Internet of Things in Healthcare

With busy lives nowadays, the health safety of elders is a key concern for working community people. Here too IoT comes to the rescue. We would rather call it the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). With the help of some tracking Wearables, Personal Emergency Response Systems or Smart Implants we can always keep an eye on our elders who are alone at home.

IoT can be applied in numerous domains like Advertising, Education, Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, etc. Wherever entities needs to communicate over the internet there is an option for IoT Application.

Usually, IoT applications adapt wireless technology which offers you the ease of installation, ease of use and avoid the mess of wires.

IoT is less heard nowadays and this is not because it’s popularity is lowered. The reason behind this is people have assumed that every device will be occupied with IoT implementation. IoT has the power to change the world and make it smarter and more efficient. In coming years, almost everything, living or mon living will become smarter and faster.

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