Why You Must Have a Chatbot for Business?

With the rise in the number of Mobile Apps in the market, there is much saturation in mobile devices which leads to difficulty in finding the most relevant App for our need. This gives an opportunity to a concept like Chatbot which acts as an all-in-one App for all our needs. There are several reasons why every business must have a Chatbot representing their business.

Supposing you want to book a convenient and cheapest flight tickets for your travel. Instead of downloading and browsing different mobile apps and checking which one gives the best discount, all we can do is have a chatbot which will act as your personal assistant. You just need to tell the bot that you need to book tickets with minimum charges and which is at a most convenient time. Done. Rest everything will be taken care of by the Chatbot.

Here are the 4 reasons why Chatbot is necessary if you own a Business.

  • 24/7 Service
  • Unlike businesses which have their working hours, Your Chatbot will be available for clients 24/7 while letting you get peaceful sleep.

  • Customer Support
  • Intead of hiring a Customer Support for night shift, own a Chatbot for your business who works 24/7 and eliminate the cost of customer support.

  • Quick Response
  • Chatbot enables you to give better user experience. Why browse full website to get small information? Chatbot enables giving quick response to your clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Engaging Chatbot on your website keeps visiter engaged and leaves good impression on clients.

Dont flood your mobile with numerous Apps. Own a Personal Assistant Now!

What is Your Business? There is a Chatbot for Every Industry.

Chatbot for business in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one of the first industry to try and include Chatbots in their functioning. Such chatbot is called as Healthbot. Healthbot helps you takes care of your health with human-like touch. Healthbot helps you to keep reminders for taking medicines per day, plan and book your regular doctor visits, medical tests, etc. It takes care of everything from booking an appointment for the task, payments, and ordering medicines which gives you a doorstep delivery. People away from family treat such bots with human-like care as a family member.

You can actually tell such bots about your symptoms and bot will recommend you a tentative diagnosis. You can further use this information to consult a relevant specialist. While for the medical practitioner, it will be easy to access the history of a patient so as to eliminate the time spend for initial diagnosis.

Chatbot for business in Hospitality Industry

Chatbot in the Hospitality industry is a great advantage to customers. Hospitality bots take care of the advance reservations of hotels, making a list of things to carry, payments, and reminding about the full plan every now and then. Exploring things become easy since you get regular messages regarding things like time of departure, check-ins, check-outs, addresses, etc so as to clear your confusion.

Chatbot for Banking Sector

Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain multiple bank accounts when every bank is offering facilities like net banking, mobile banking, ATMs, etc. Bankbot helps you manage all these accounts efficiently thereby eliminating the time-consuming work of banking needs and saving those bank trips.

Chatbot for Travel Industry

Chatbot has made traveling an easy affair to deal with. Travelbot will handle everything from booking the tickets to calling the cabs, reminding about departures, etc. Just ask a Travelbot when and where you want to travel and the bot will take you to the destination.

Chatbot for business in Retail Industry

It becomes difficult to search the best and cheapest product you wish to buy when there are thousands and lacs of online shopping websites. A chatbot is a savior here too. You tell the details of the product you wish to buy to Retailbot and this bot will search and compare all possible online stores to get you the best deal.

One can have a Chatbot on several platforms like Facebook, Google, Slack, Microsoft or any other custom platform. It is not so far that Chatbot will replace the mobile apps and everything will be done by chatting. So why wait? Say Hello to your own Personal Assistant. We are one of the best Chatbot Development Company in India. You can outsource your chatbot development project to us, or hire dedicated programmers from India, or have an offshore development center in India with us.

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