Catersoft: Catering Business Automation Software in India – Case Study

Business Domain:

Catering Business is the most demanding business in this era of events and celebrations. Unlike caterers from the rest of India, normally Goan caterers handle only the food part of any event which includes cooking and serving as buffets for Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea, and Dinner of any event.

Problem Definition:

  • Caterers handle many orders per day during the peak season of weddings. Besides, there are other events like corporate events, birthdays and so on.
  • Handling these multiple orders becomes hectic for a caterer. Lots of reports have to be generated per day like Cook List, Co-ordinator Report, Transport List, etc. These reports are generated by manually calculating the quantities by taking into account all the orders and their menu-lists.
  • Special staff is appointed to handle Customer Relationship management and Staff management.
  • Inventory of raw material has to be managed by Stock Manager.

Problem Statement:

To automate the business process and to increase efficiency and increase profitability. Also, this automation should lead to reduced time and quick client satisfaction.

Proposed Solution for Business Automation:

As per the Goan caterer’s needs and as mentioned in the problem statement, we have proposed and developed the following business automation solutions to their problems.

Receptionist Dashboard:

  • This dashboard will help the Receptionist to organize all the orders well. The dashboard has a compact view that shows all the past orders, Customers Birthdays, Anniversaries as well as Pending Payments if any. It also shows all the upcoming events so that receptionists can easily take prints of reports like Co-ordinator reports, menu Labels, Feedback forms, etc.
  • Taking a new order is the very simplest task. One can add the details of Customer, Event, Package, and payment in a systematic way; after which Quotation or Bill can be printed.
  • A receptionist can easily use the Inventory module to know the status of stock.

Admin Dashboard:

  • This admin panel will help to manage event categories, Menu types, and Menu Items.
  • Admin can even manage Staff and overall Expense.

Stock Manager App:

  • The most attractive part of this software is the Sales Person App. With this App, the Sales Person can make a better first impression to a Customer. He/She can even take orders from this App.

Customer Relationship Module:

  • Details of all the customers are saved in a customer datable as you take the event order.
  • This module is integrated with an SMS module from which one can directly send SMS to customers on their Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Inventory Module

  • Inventory of Raw material can be easily managed as this software keeps track of every stock entry and stock release.

Reporting Module

  • One can easily generate several reports using this software. Making of the cook-list is the tedious task for every caterer since it involves an exact calculation of quantities cook needs to cook by taking into consideration many events.
  • Cook-list can be generated by one click and also co-ordinator report, transport list can be generated.
  • This software also generates Sales Report by tracking day-to-day sales.

Technology Used:

Angular 2, Codeigniter PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL Database.

Why Catering Management Software: CaterSoft is Best?

  • Multi-user Capabilities: Developed for 4 users namely, Admin, Receptionist, Sales Person, and Stock manager by giving module-wise access rights.
  • Online/Offline Usage: The Internet is not a problem with this software. One can even use it in offline mode in case of internet un-availability.
  • Surprisingly Affordable: Catersoft is launched by keeping in mind every group of caterers from small to large and their spending abilities. Flexible payment options are available from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and Yearly.
  • User-Friendly: Software can be used by anyone with the basic knowledge of the Computer and catering business. So the training cost is absolutely zero.


  • This business automation process saves much of the Catering Personnel Time. Additionally, the stress of the person handling these orders is reduced to a minimum.
  • Using software makes a Tech impression on potential customers and software’s being user-friendly eliminates the software training cost.

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