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We build cost-effective, high-quality & technology-driven software products leveraging emerging technologies like open-source platforms, Blockchain, Machine Learning and IoT. Our software product development teams have more than a decade’s experience in custom products to global businesses as per their specific requirements.

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BPA used to be heavy, expensive and rigid. It preached process modeling and long analysis cycles. But these ideas won’t work for companies that need to move fast and remain agile. TechNirmiti’s approach is different.

We build powerful, flexible, rock-solid business process applications using software and services from other vendors. They are fully customized to the needs of your organization, can be rolled out quickly (in weeks instead of years), and can be adjusted often or slowly over time to meet the shifting needs of the business.

Technologies We Use

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Journey From Traditional To Digital Automation

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Requirement Definition

The customer provides us with detailed project-related information, gathered from supporting documents, process specs, systems, on-site analysis, market research, competitor analysis and end-user interviews.

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  • We define and analyze the requirements from the requirements document, project plan, use cases and requirements traceability.
  • We will then create use cases and generate a use case model.
  • Next, the scope of the project will be validated and cost estimates will be made.
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  • In this stage, our software developers will design the application based on the requirements, use cases and the scope of the project agreed upon in the previous stage. The following is accomplished in this phase:
  • Development and validation of the prototype and user interface
  • Representation of use cases through collaboration diagrams
  • Elaborations of the design model
  • Development of the implementation model, generated from the design
  • Generation of the test model from use cases
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  • In the development stage, our developers will create the actual code based on the finalized design documents. The application will then be tested against the customer's requirements and test cases. The following will be accomplished in this phase:
  • Development of the code in accordance to design and implementation models
  • Testing of the code according to test plans and cases
  • Integration of the application
  • Quality testing
  • Customer acceptance tests are conducted and the customer provides feedback
  • Debugging is conducted
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Integration & Testing

  • After development, the application will be deployed on a live server.
  • Test plans, deployment maps and user acceptance criteria will be used in the integration process.
  • An acceptance report and a deployment plan will be created along with the integrated software.
  • Our developers will then implement the application at the customer's premises or hosting server.
  • This is followed by the implementation sign-off by the customer.
  • We follow a strict project schedule for integration and testing of any application.
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Deployment & Acceptance

  • In the final stage of deployment, the software application will be developed according to the deployment plan.

  • After the deployed software is accepted by the customer, we will form a maintenance team that will continue to provide support to the customer.