Data Analytics Consulting Services in India

Bring More Preciseness In Your Business Decision Making Process With Data Analytics.

Are you tired of taking time-consuming yet instinct-based decisions? Are you looking to improve your decision-making process? If yes, implementing the right data analytics mechanism will help. We at TechNirmiti can help you bring a suitable data analytics mechanism to your business.

  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Increased Overall Productivity
  • Faster Decision Making Using Data Insights

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Data Analytics Services We Offer

What can we do for you utilizing your data to make efficient decisions. We have a team of efficient data analysts who can help bring the right data analytics solution to your organization. With the innovative approaches and intelligent data infrastructure, we can help you attain the best possible solution for your data. Our service set ranges from consulting to implementation of the right data analytics solution for your company.

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Data Analytics Consulting

We offer data analytics consulting services to all our clients so that they can benefit from the best solutions we have. After we understand their business goal, we help them find the optimum data analytics solution.

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Data Analytics As A Service

With data analytics as a service, you can derive useful insights out of the raw data. This can help you avoid the time as well as cost of developing a full-scale data analytics solution as an entire process.

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Data Analytics Support & Evolution

Between data analytics consulting services and implementation services, we also are renowned for our top-class support facility. You get a full-tuned support team to help you in case of any issue.

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Data Analytics Implementation

With Technirmiti, you can get the best data analytics implementation services. We help you find the right kind of analytics solution for your company, ensuring that you get the best results.

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Data Engineering

Transform your organization’s data silos into a centralized data repository and get a 360-degree view of the entire organization. Our approach towards data engineering covers all aspects of data transformation, including, data lake, data warehouse, and data marts.

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Data Visualization & BI

Leverage clarity of meaningful data through functional representation with interactive app and beautiful dashboard designs. With functional representation of data, we enable our clients to arrive at the right takeaways critical to their goals very easily.

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Business Intelligence

Extract maximum value from your data with a powerful Business Intelligence solutions to support business decisions and automate repetitive/routine activities like daily reports, status emails, and more.

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Predictive Analytics Services

Using statistical techniques from predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining, our data engineering experts project business predictions in decision-making to accelerate future growth.

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Business Benefits of Data Analytics

Enterprise data contains valuable insights that can unlock personalized marketing pitches for a business, while also mitigating risks for them.

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Data analytics consulting helps in analyzing current market movement to predict customer trends and behavior.

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Data Analytics helps you in formulating the best suited & proven strategies as per the market demands.

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Combined impact of right information & strong strategies derive efficiency & productivity to processes.

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Data Analytics aids in optimizing conversion rates for campaigns and generating better revenue streams.

Turn Your Data into Business Intelligence

Data & Analytics are effectively enhancing operations and digital reach for businesses by helping them personalize customer experience, hone their product strategy, and optimize their decision-making capabilities. Derive value and opportunity from your growing data with us.

We are a leading data & analytics company that assists you to leverage Data Visualizations, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Unified Data Platforms to create value for your business, with an integrative approach towards the implementation of business intelligence projects.

Why You Need Data Analytics Services?

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Data is one of the most precious assets for a business today. Now is the time when organizations depend on data analytics to come to the right decision, minimize risk, and maximize profits. This is the reason why more and more organizations are turning to data analytics services companies like us today. Some of the major advantages of data analytics services are:

  • Predictive Analytics can help you optimize your future business decisions by using efficient data models.
  • With the right data analytics, you can forecast the future outcomes of the decisions you take.
  • Descriptive analytics can help you review past events & help you come to the right future decisions.

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Reasons To Choose Us For Data Analytics Service

Technirmiti is one amongst the top data analytics companies in India. Some of the major reasons to choose us as your data analytics consultant are:

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Support Facility

Once you share the scope of work our team will send you the budget estimation and completion timeline. With your approval, we will deliver the project right on time ensuring quality and top-notch information security.

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Experienced Team

Once you share the scope of work our team will send you the budget estimation and completion timeline. With your approval, we will deliver the project right on time ensuring quality and top-notch information security.

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Latest Tech Stack

We will help you improve your in-house team’s efficiency with qualified dedicated remote developers. Get access to global talent at cost-effective rates with complete project control and reduce up to 50% of your budget.

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Looking For Data Analysts from India?

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India’s Best Data Analytics Services

Turn Data to Powerful Insights & Boost Your Business

Data Analytics Solutions offer more focused attention to data that lead companies to bring their business to its peak to enjoy the success paradigm. At Technirmiti, you will get wonderful opportunities to turn data into useful insights for unlocking new possibilities in business growth.

Develop strategic plans for your business with our invaluable data analytics services. We build robust infrastructures for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting to supercharge your decision-making and propel your business to new heights of success.

As a leading data analytics services company, we deliver exceptional solutions and experiences. We tailor our data analytics consulting services to meet your unique business requirements, drive efficiency, and ensure your business. Partner with us to unlock new possibilities.

Our Data analytics consultants will help you to uncover the potential of analytics, business intelligence, advanced algorithms, and artificial intelligence to stay ahead of this competitive age. Interested?

Enhance the use of Data Insights for Decision-Making



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Enterprises believe that BI is either critical or very important for their initiatives

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User Guide to Understand Data Analytics Consulting

Difference Between Data Analytics and BI

While data analytics and business intelligence (BI) are related concepts, they are not the same. Let’s understand the difference between the two:

Data Analytics: Data analytics involves examining, transforming, and analyzing data to uncover insights, patterns, and trends. It involves applying statistical and analytical techniques to raw data to gain meaningful insights and make informed decisions.

Data analytics focuses on extracting valuable information from data sets, often using tools and technologies like statistical modeling, data mining, machine learning, and data visualization.

Business Intelligence (BI): Business intelligence refers to the technologies, strategies, and practices organizations collect, integrate, analyze, and present business information.

It involves gathering and organizing data from sources, transforming it into meaningful information, and delivering it to decision-makers through reports, dashboards, and visualizations.

Overall, data analytics focuses on data analysis to extract insights, while business intelligence involves collecting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting data to support decision-making and provide a comprehensive view of the business.

Data analytics is a subset of business intelligence, as it contributes to the analytical component of BI.

Relationship Between Data Analysis and Data Analytics

A few key characteristics of backend technologies separate the good from the great.

First and foremost, a good backend technology will be scalable. It handles increasing users and data without becoming bogged down or slow.

Another important characteristic is extensibility. A good backend technology will allow new features and functionality to be added easily without disrupting the existing codebase.

Finally, a good backend technology will be robust and reliable. It withstands heavy usage and traffic without crashing or experiencing any major issues.

Tech Stack for Backend Development

Data Analysis: Data analysis refers to examining, inspecting, and interpreting data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights. It involves applying various techniques and methods to understand the data, identify relationships, and derive meaningful conclusions.

Data analysis focuses on exploring and summarizing data to understand its characteristics better and extract relevant information.

Data Analytics: Data analytics encompasses a broader scope and builds upon data analysis. It involves applying advanced techniques and algorithms to large datasets to extract insights, make predictions, and take data-driven actions.

Data analysis forms the foundation of data analytics. It involves the initial exploration and examination of data to understand its structure and relationships.

Data analytics further analyzes data by employing advanced statistical and analytical techniques to extract more profound insights, perform predictive modeling, and support decision-making processes.

Key Steps of a Typical Data Analytics Consulting Project

A typical Data Analytics Consulting project involves several key steps to ensure a successful and effective outcome. These steps may vary depending on the project’s scope and complexity, but the fundamental stages include:

Project Definition and Scope: This initial step involves understanding the client’s objectives, challenges, and desired outcomes. The consultant works closely with the client to define the project’s scope, establish clear goals, and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure the project’s success.

Data Collection and Preparation: Data is the foundation of any data analytics project. In this step, the consultant gathers relevant data from various sources, including structured databases, unstructured text, or external data sets. The collected data is then cleaned, transformed, and prepared for analysis to ensure its accuracy and consistency.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): EDA is a critical step that involves exploring the data to understand its characteristics, patterns, and relationships. Data visualization techniques are often used to gain insights and identify potential trends or outliers relevant to the project’s objectives.

Data Modeling and Analysis: In this stage, the consultant selects appropriate data analysis techniques and models based on the project’s goals. This may include descriptive analytics (summarizing data), predictive analytics (making predictions), or prescriptive analytics (optimizing decisions). Statistical methods and machine learning algorithms are commonly used for data modeling and analysis.

Interpretation of Results: Once the analysis is complete, the data analytics consultant interprets the findings and translates them into meaningful insights for the client. The results are aligned with the project’s initial objectives, and the consultant identifies actionable recommendations based on the data-driven insights.

Data Visualization and Reporting: To communicate the results effectively, the consultant creates visualizations and reports that convey complex information clearly and understandably. Visualizations such as charts, graphs, and dashboards are used to present the insights to stakeholders.

Implementation and Integration: If the project involves the development of new data-driven systems or tools, the consultant works with the client to implement and integrate these solutions into the existing infrastructure.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support: Data Analysis Consulting is not a one-time event; it involves continuous monitoring to assess the effectiveness of implemented solutions. The consultant provides ongoing support to ensure the data analytics solutions remain relevant and deliver value over time.

Knowledge Transfer: Throughout the project, the consultant shares knowledge and best practices with the client’s team, empowering them to leverage data analytics effectively in their future endeavors.

Data Analytics Consulting projects can successfully guide organizations towards data-driven decision-making and strategic improvements by following these key steps.

What to Expect from a Data Analytics Consulting Services in India?

Unlock powerful insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

Imagine having advanced business analytics that give you the ability to see and predict everything, everywhere. Every interaction with customers. Every moving part in your supply chain. Every financial transaction, anywhere in the world.

Imagine a data architecture that lets you process all that information instantly, to improve customer insights, build products faster, or spot fraud.

Now imagine using predictive analytics that give you the ability to react to events before they happen. To stop customer churn. Prevent accidents. Predict the impact of medical treatments. And imagine if analytics could help you to drive business innovation and open up totally new revenue streams to create products and offers you haven’t even dreamed of yet. It would be like having a superpower.

The good news is, data is an asset you already own. We’ll help you to analyse your current state, develop a strong data foundation, and then monetise that data and harness the power of the information you hold to optimise business performance and commercialise data opportunities.

FAQs on Hiring a Data Analytics Consultancy from India

Here are answers to some questions about hiring Data Analysis Firm from India which our clients frequently ask.

Technirmiti is a leading software development company with expertise in data analytics and business intelligence consulting services.

We offer customized solutions, have a skilled team, and keep up with the latest technologies. We prioritize data security, offer cost-effective options, and have a reputation for client satisfaction.

Data analytics plays a crucial role in customer segmentation and personalized marketing. Businesses can segment their customer base into distinct groups with similar characteristics by analyzing customer data, such as demographics, behavior, preferences, and purchase history.

Data analytics enables businesses to understand customer needs, tailor their messaging, and deliver personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and maximize marketing effectiveness.

Data analytics and business intelligence can help businesses identify and capitalize on untapped market segments by:

  • Analyzing data
  • Uncovering hidden patterns
  • Understanding customer preferences

This enables targeted marketing strategies, product customization, and informed decision-making to tap into new growth opportunities.

Data analytics consulting services can supercharge business growth by providing valuable insights, data-driven decision-making, optimizing processes, identifying new opportunities, enhancing customer experiences, and increasing efficiency, competitiveness, and overall success.

Technirmiti's data analytics consulting services can optimize your business operations by leveraging advanced analytics, identifying inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and providing data-driven solutions for improved productivity and performance.

Data analytics consulting services can amplify your marketing ROI by analyzing customer behavior, identifying effective marketing channels, optimizing campaigns based on data insights, and targeting the right audience, leading to better conversion rates, increased sales, and higher returns on your marketing investments.

Data analytics consulting projects typically use structured and unstructured data, transactional data, customer data, web data, sensor data, external data, survey data, historical data, and geospatial data to gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

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